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1. Easy and flexible from your mobile phone and all landlines

For all mobile and landline connections, we offer an especially easy and economical way to call all over the world using the access numbers 0800 800 82500 or 0211 92 32 9000.

Your advantages:
  • Prepaid credit account, simply charge using PayPal or direct debit and call away.
  • No base fees or hidden costs. Contract can be cancelled at any time.
  • A free starting credit of 100 points.
  • No PIN codes or card numbers. Easy subscriber identification through automatic recognition of the connection (telephone number).
  • Free telephone directory with speed dial feature.
  • Free short messages: Up to 5 free short messages per day (140 characters, with advertising from the provider)..
  • As many text messages as you want to send to several recipients with your own contact information at an economical rate.
  • Free, additional short message telephone directory, independent from the regular phone directory.

The wefon rate works with the Deutsche Telekom AG's network, all mobile telephone networks and local area carrier (LEC) networks.

For this rate, registration for a user account is required. The registration is completely free of charge, non-binding and can be canceled at any time. Additionally, we give you a starting credit of 100 points so that you can start calling straight away and try out our service without obligation.

Our prices are updated regularly. You can find our current rates for each country here.

2. Save costs - dial the right access number

For the greatest flexibility, we offer you two types of access numbers, a geographical access at the number 0211 92 32 9000 and a free number 0800 800 82500 for the telephone subscriber.

0211 92 32 9000 - Billing is via through the telephone subscriber's landline network or mobile telephone and is unbeatably low priced.

In all situations where the connection costs to our access location in Düsseldorf are low, you can use the geographical access number. 0211 92 32 9000:

  • You have got a nation-wide telephone flat rate for your landline.
  • If you have a contract service for your mobile telephone with free airtime and want to use this.

0800 800 82500 - Call from any connection. Extremely flexible because there are no connection costs for the telephone subscriber.

All costs are charged via your member account. In a situation where there must not be any access costs, if, e.g., your mobile prepaid card is empty, use the access number 0800 800 82500

If your free minutes are gone or you have a mobile prepaid card, then it is usually cheaper to dial 0800 800 82500. For this call, your network carrier does not charge anything. We will charge you for this access number directly. This type of billing is often cheaper than the charges for a domestic call with your mobile network provider.

After the successful registration, you can login to your user account at the customer portal at any time to view your charges and itemised bill.

wefon - your user account

You can charge points by your user account, view your Itemised bill, manage your personal data, setup a personal telephone directory and send short messages as well.

Then register with us now!
It's free and absolutely without obligation.

You'll get 100 points as a welcome gift so that you can start calling straight away.

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3. This is how it works

Please enter your personal data as well as the number of the mobile or landline connection which should be used for the rate. The access information will be sent to you via email afterwards.

Your personal user account and the free starting credit are now available.

Simply dial the access number 0800 800 82500 or 0211 92 32 9000 which is most favourable for you.

Calling national contacts:
1. First you dial the access number which is most favourable for you and wait for the message.
2. Then enter the area code for the city being called*
3. Finally, dial the telephone number of the contact.

Calling nternational contacts:
1. First you dial the access number which is most favourable for you and wait for the message.
2. Right after that, enter the international code "00".
3. Then the country code of the country being called.
4. Then the area code of the city being called*
5. Finally, dial the telephone number of the contact.

Example: A call made via the geographical access number to the city of Ankara, Turkey

Access number International code Country code Area code of the city* Telephone number
of the contact
0211 92 32 9000 00 90 (Turkey) 312 (Ankara)* 1234567

*Please note that in some countries the "0" (zero) for the city code must be dialed.

4. Prepaid point account

At start, register for free and set up your personal account, where you can charge your credits. The made calls will be deducted from your point account. By this, you have full cost-control, similar to a prepaid-method. The billing is made by our external payment service provider megabill.

Accepted payment-methods are: Paypal, giropay, ClickandBuy, Sofortüberweisung, credit-card, debit, EPS or pay in advance.

1 Point is equivalent to 1 Eurocent.

5. Your personal telephone directory

Calling contacts in the telephone directory:
You simply dial the access number which is most favourable for you 0800 800 8250 or 0211 777 9010 followed by the speed dial of the desired telephone directory entry.

Example: A call to telephone book entry 4

Fonus Telefonbuch
An access number followed by the speed dial number of the
subscriber of the telephone book entry No. 4
0211 777 90104
6. Phone with wefon Webfon

You can now phone directly from your PC.
It couldn't be simpler: Register, plug in a headset or loudspeakers/ micro and start calling!

This is how it works: Click here!

Still have questions?

You can find most of the answers to your questions at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you can't find the answer, write us at: info@wefon.de
or call us at: 02131 - 31 36 555

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